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An economic and social sustainability model

The South African gold mining industry is facing challenging times. We, as leaders of South Africa’s gold companies, want to start a constructive conversation with the leaders of organised labour and our employees that will contribute to the sustainability of the gold industry and, as a result, the retention of employment.

We believe that all stakeholders need to place the viability of our industry and the jobs it provides at the centre of our discourse, recognising that a number of variables play a role in the viability and longevity of our operations. We have the opportunity collectively to shape the industry’s future through a process of visible information-sharing and transparency, and by working together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

News release

  • 29 June 2015: Gold companies table wage offer based on economic and social sustainability

    The Gold companies have tabled an offer to their employees represented by AMCU, NUM, Solidarity and UASA, for the five-year period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2020

Contact details

This news portal provides information on behalf of the gold producers represented by the Chamber of Mines in the 2015 wage negotiations.

Should you have any queries please contact:

Dr Elize Strydom

Chamber of Mines
+27 (0)11 498 7409 or
+27 (0)82 773 9553

Memory Johnstone

On behalf of the gold producers
+27 (0)11 880 3924 or
+27 (0)82 719 3081

Charmane Russell

On behalf of the gold producers
+27 (0)11 880 3924 or
+27 (0)82 372 5816